Dancers’ Day & Night Programs
This year, we are excited to launch our new Dancers’ Day In Kids Camp and Dancers’ Night Out programs!
Dancers’ Day Out Day Camp is a fun opportunity
for dancers age 3-5 to come and enjoy an
extended time in the studio every Monday!
Day Camp Dancers participate in
– Ballet
– Tap
– Arts & Crafts
– Music & Movement
– Snack & Movie time
– A personal show off at the end of camp
Dancers’ Night In…Parents’ Night Out!
Are you ready for a night out? We’re here to help!
Dancers’ Night In’s are hosted once a month are designed for dancers ages 5+ to come and hang, dance,
play games, eat popcorn and watch movies while you enjoy a night on the town…or at home sans kids!
This month’s Dancers’ Night will be November 17th! Call, e-mail or stop by the Front Desk to register today!