Fitness Program



Homegrown here in San Antonio, Joslyn Campbell has a combined 30 years of training and instruction in her bag of tricks. She danced for the Alamo City Dance Co for 15 years performing in countless Ballet and variety show productions. Joslyn attended dance programs in Chicago and Colorado Springs and performed solo roles in Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Contemporary, and Musical Theater make her the all- around Jack of many styles. Trilogy Dance now welcomes Joslyn to launch her fitness style dance program. As a certified Group Fitness instructor and Personal Trainer, she is taking her love for dance and wellness to a whole new level. Joslyn teaches Cardio DanceFit, Mat&More (Pilates based), Barre Burn, and FullBody Stretch. She has an undergraduate Degree in Education from Texas State, with a Certification in Dance. She also holds a National Group Fitness Certification from AFAA and a National Personal Training Cert from NCSF. Joslyn is thrilled to bring the Jazzy Jozzette’s Cardio Dancers community to Trilogy Dance!



Cardio DanceFit – Various dance styles including Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Latin, Swing, Disco, Jive and Broadway all mixed into a 55 minute session using basic repeating choreography for a cardio workout. Participants average 7000 steps. Heart rate varies based on intensity throughout the class. No dance experience required. It’s more important to have fun than it is to get the steps right!

Mat&More – Pilates based mat program focusing on core strength and flexibility. A combination of Pilates, Yoga, and Ballet derived movements for a 55 minute full body toning experience. Some equipment required. Participants need to bring a mat. No experience required.

BarreBurn – The popular trending, and desirable Ballet body brought to you in this Barre Burn class. 55 minutes of Ballet based center floor and barre exercises to develop the dancer’s body. Toning, engaging, and lengthening the muscles for a full body, no impact experience. Participants need to bring a mat. No ballet experience required.

FullBody Stretch – Invest in your overall health and wellness with a 55 minute stretch class. Stretches from traditional fitness and aerobics to yoga, Pilates, and dance. Improve your circulatory system and muscle elasticity with this meditative stretch program. Participants need to bring a mat. No experience required.

Jazzy J’s Fitness Program will begin February 6th and run through May 25th!

Classes will be held Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:00am-10:30am at Trilogy Dance Center NORTH!

Contact Joslyn at (210) 639-1718 or and follow along with her Fitness Program on Instagram at @jazzhandzforjazzyj!