Spring Performances
Registration for Applause & Ovation is open.

Save the date June 20th, 2021!

Continue to check back here for further updates about these performances!
Please contact our front desk staff for any questions you may have.

The Faculty and Staff will put every measure in place for our dancer’s safety and health on June 20th, show day. We have a plan for backstage; all dancers will practice the Social Distancing guidelines that remains in place as of July 19. The Lila Cockrell Theater is our theater of choice because it is large enough, both the theater, backstage and downstairs dressing rooms/ banquet hall, to put into place required social distancing.
We understand that there is no way to predict where we will be in July, and as we go week by week on our journey to the show, we will adapt to create and modify the plan for the performance to be safe.
We hope that this gives each family some reassurance in being a part of the End of Year Performance. We know that this is a scary time and ask that everyone trust that Trilogy will be giving 100% effort to protect all of our dancers, faculty, and families.
  • The Dressing rooms will be arranged to best protect every dancer. Every dancer will have their temperature taken before entering the dressing rooms, and they will have to sanitize their hands before the show and after.
  • Downstairs, near the stage, will be taped to keep and remind dancers of their Social Distancing.
  • Dancers will be monitored by a staff member or adult volunteer before, during, and after the show.
  • Dancers can wear masks and gloves until they go on stage.
  • There will be no food allowed, all drinks labeled, no sharing of personal items, and quick call times to limit social time.
  • The theater/dressing rooms will be sanitized between every show, and we will wipe down the stage.
  • As for the stage/ performance, we will put our Applause dancers as far apart as possible on their dance dots. These dancers will not do any partnering or touching. They may have to switch lines, and in doing so, briefly cross paths within 6 feet, however, we will do our part to keep them as far apart as we can. The stage is much larger than most performing stages, so we will have more room to keep dancers separated.
  • As for our Ovation, North, and the older Hill Country dancers, there is genuinely no way to have these students 6 feet apart on stage. There are numbers with dancers partnering, lifting, and touching, and to reblock every single number would not be realistic.
  • Both before and after the show, adults will not be allowed to congregate in the lobby areas.
  • Only one adult will be allowed to drop off or pick up their child in a line that has 6 feet of space between parents.
  • For the theater, we will be blocking two seats between each family unit and alternating rows to maintain social distancing (or set up based on guidelines at the time of ticket sales).
  • Finally, we have broken up into four shows that day so that we reduce the number of dancers and families in the facilities at any one time.

Join us to celebrate your dancers’ hard work and dedication at our End of Year Shows!